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 Truong An Trainer

Nguyen Ngo Truong An

Training content development specialist

Content Writer

Personal development consultant

Master in Global Production Engineering and Management

Training Content Development Specialist

I rely on targeted learners to develop the most appropriate, highly personalized training content. From there, I took on the responsibility of building the entire content of the course from writing content, building learning materials and preparing the course on LMS (Learning management system).

Beside learning materials such as videos, reading documents, I am also responsible for producing interactive contents to increase learning efficiency. Therefore, I can use design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Gimp and specialized software Articulate Storyline. From there, I create a variety of highly interactive content and gamify questions to keep learners interested.

You can check out my sample interaction templates here

Content and Academic writer

I experienced in writing travel reviews applying SEO and marketing style. Before I write, I always thoroughly research the needs and desires of my audiences. From there, I will provide them with the information they really need in a friendly and receptive manner.

I also write scholarly articles with academic standards. The references are always highly reliable. I always do a lot of research to make sure every piece of information I put in is accurate and factual. With a sense of responsibility and German standard thinking, I pay great attention to every word that I bring to audiences.

You can check out my samples here.


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